Exactly what does “friends with advantages” suggest?

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Exactly what does “friends with advantages” suggest? 10 Answers Buddies with advantages means what it really says. You are friends who fool around together basically for tho part that is most it really is b/c one of several ppl involved desires to get utilizing the other but will likely not commit right into a relationship using them. Ive had them and believe me its not worth the hastle. Girls are often the people to have harmed in those circumstances however it is Viceversa too. Honestly should they had been a pal in the first place they might either want to become your bf or gf or otherwise not. Having that intimate tension involving the two of yous recks the relationship generally in most situations. Then it means two ppl whom kiss, or have sexual contact or just plain sex in any way together if your honestly just asking this question to know what it means. BUT you to be friends with benefits with them if you are asking b/c someone has asked. During my experience that is own i totally tell you firmly to state no. But once again its all your responsibility along with your preferences. But beware. This case specially in you being called a sl-ut if you are in skool still could all most certainly result. If the a lady anyhow but luck that is good every thing. Hope this assisted you at the very least just a little. Log on to respond to the responses Post If you ask me, this means a relationship without any dedication. Individuals can state they are able to split up intercourse from love, but I do not think you certainly can do that with sex and friendship. […]